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Our vision is simple and clear. We want to see a nation of Indian youth who learn, love, and live by core values.

What is IPDC?

  • IPDC aims to prepare students for the modern challenges they face in their daily lives. Promoting fortitude in the face of failures, unity amongst family discord, self-discipline amidst distractions, and many more priceless lessons.
  • This two-semester, credit-based course, focuses on moral and character development at the core of student growth, to enable students to become self aware and sincere in their many roles – as an ambitious student, dependable employee, caring family member, and considerate citizen.
  • IPDC supports the requirements of the New Education Policy, to “build character, enable learners to be ethical, rational, compassionate, and caring, while at the same time prepare them for gainful, fulfilling employment” [NEP 2020, Page 3].
    The curriculum is tailored for the Indian youth and can easily be integrated into
    the existing structure of government and private educational institutions.

Course Outcomes

  • To provide students with a holistic value-based education that will enable them to be successful in their academic, professional, and social lives.
  • To give the students the tools to develop effective habits, promote personal growth, and improve their wellbeing, stability, and productivity.
  • To allow students to establish a stronger connection with their family through critical thinking and devolvement of qualities such as unity, forgiveness, empathy, and effective communication.
  • To provide students with soft skills that complement their hard skills, making them more marketable when entering the workforce.
  • To enhance awareness of India’s glory and global values, and to create considerate citizens who strive for the betterment of their family, college, workforce, and nation.
  • To inspire students to strive for a higher sense of character by learning from role models who have lived principled, disciplined, and value-based lives.

Students’ Opinion

Course Content

Remaking Yourself

Students are inspired to give up bad habits such as laziness and overuse of social media through the growth of effective habits. This module will inspire growth through time management, positive thinking, self-reliance, foresight, and an active lifestyle.

1. Restructuring Yourself
2. Power of Habit
3. Handling Social Media
4. Begin with the End in Mind
5. Better Health Better Future
6. Impact of Company

Soft Skills

Through the teachings of constructive communication, teamwork, effective planning, selfawareness, and dedication, students become fully prepared to implement their role in any collaborative network.

1. Networking & Leadership
2. Project Management
3. Teamwork & Harmony
4. Stress Management
5. Financial Planning

Learning From Legends

The lives and works of legends, such as Ratan Tata and Abdul Kalam, leave an everlasting impression. Their principled, disciplined, and value-based lives, inspiring youth to strive for a higher sense of character. This module also includes a session with a panel of experts, who will answer practical questions that students face in their daily lives.

1. Tendulkar & Tata
2. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
3. Leading without Leading
4. Words of Wisdom

Facing Failures

Failure is a student’s daily source of fear, negativity, and depression. Through the study of successful figures such as Disney, Lincoln and Bachchan, this module enables youth to persevere, self-improve, and keep faith.

1. Welcoming Challenges
2. Significance of Failures
3. Power of Faith
4. Timeless Wisdom for Daily Life

My India My Pride

An enlightening revelation of the glory of India’s past and current achievements, invigorates the youth to become ideal citizens while practising a value-based life for the betterment of their life, family, college, career, and nation.

1. Glorious Past - Part 1
2. Glorious Past - Part 2
3. Present Scenario
4. An Ideal Citizen - 1
5. An Ideal Citizen - 2

Selfless Service

The students explore the phenomenon of Seva – selfless acts of kindness, the tradition of giving, and the joy of bringing happiness to others. These concepts are brought to life through the study of awe-inspiring and heart-touching acts of humanitarian relief provided during the 2001 Gujarat earthquake.

1. Seva
2. Case Study: Disaster Relief Work

From House to Home

The students are taught to establish a stronger connection with their family through critical thinking and devolvement of qualities such as unity, forgiveness, empathy, and effective communication.

1. Listening & Understanding
2. Bonding the Family
3. Forgive & Forget
4. Being Addiction-Free

Class Content

5% of entire lecture

Introductory Film

Each lecture begins with a short film that introduces the topic through a modern production. The original content displays relatable scenarios and visuals that captivate the students’ attention and stimulates their curiosity to learn more.

40% of entire lecture

Lecture Video

Students watch a lecture video presented by a dynamic speaker. The lecture reinforces the significance and necessity of fundamental principles and skills. The experience of the speaker, eloquence of presentation, and use of interactive visuals collectively create a profound impact on each student’s mind and heart.

30% of entire lecture

Students Interactions

Interactive sessions promote stimulating discussion and conversation, and help create safe spaces for healthy exchange of ideas. Each session provides a forum in which students are able to openly express their emotions and thoughts.

25% of entire lecture

Workbook Activities

Workbooks assist students to begin implementing the values taught in the lecture into their personal lives. Reliable research, priceless experience, practical scenarios, and reflective questions are innovatively depicted, motivating students to contemplate and think creatively.

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