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IPDC is dedicated to providing a holistic value-based education. Our mission is to assist students in developing character, shaping success, and determining their destiny.

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Empowering an entire generation to unleash their potential, learning is now a collaborative effort that allows individuals to successfully fill their many roles as ambitious students, reliable employees, caring family members, and considerate citizens. Join our community and become a part of IPDC.


Why IPDC Works

Envisioned by students,
for students

We surveyed many college students to understand their learning needs. “Exciting”, “relatable”, “interactive”, “enjoyable”, “tangible” – this is what they wanted and so that is exactly what we delivered.

Value-Based Transformation

Along with academics and practical skills, a student's holistic development should be built on a strong foundation of core character values such as positivity, resilience, humility, and responsibility. Youths are now empowered to progress in all aspects of their lives.

Trusted & Effective Content

What do you get when you combine decades of experience and research, along with a passion for youth development? You get IPDC! The IPDC content and design has been created by a team of academic and youth development experts from around the world.

Engaging Modern Mediums

Moving beyond just a traditional classroom lecture, our expert team has created captivating short films and interactive visuals, allowing students to effectively engage with every topic.

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Our Vision

As a global volunteer-driven initiative, we believe that every youth should have the opportunity to shape their success.
Come and help us create a platform to empower generations to come.

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