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A transformation,whether big or small, makes a world of difference to a student.

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The Titans of Teaching

We deeply value the teachers who dedicate their lives to shaping the future generation. Their sacrifice not only inspires students, but they inspire us too. That’s why we celebrate and support the efforts of those who are willing to go the extra mile.

Empowering Teachers

Our IPDC programmes place teaching faculty at the centre of the learning progress. We provide them with extensive and exclusive teaching resources and preparation; this includes an in-classroom teaching app, preparative phone app, captivating short films, expert lecture videos, innovative workbooks, teacher’s guides and the training to effectively use them. We provide teachers with the platform to advance their teaching skills, become effective mentors, and experience a higher level of job satisfaction.

Why IPDC Works

Envisioned by Students, for Students

We surveyed many college students to understand their learning needs. “Exciting”, “relatable”, “interactive”, “enjoyable”, “tangible” – this is what they wanted and so that is exactly what we delivered.

Trusted & Effective

What do you get when you combine decades of experience and research with a passion for youth development? You get IPDC! The IPDC content and design have been created by a team of academic and youth development experts worldwide.


Along with academics and practical skills, a student's holistic development should be built on a strong foundation of core character values such as positivity, resilience, humility, and responsibility. Youths are now empowered to progress in all aspects of their lives.

Engaging Modern

Moving beyond just a traditional classroom lecture, our expert team has created captivating short films and interactive visuals, allowing students to engage effectively with every topic.

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