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Learn, Love, Live: In addition to academics and practical skills, we believe that a student's holistic growth should be based upon a strong foundation of fundamental values like optimism, resilience, humility, and responsibility. Youths are provided the resources they need to succeed in all areas of their lives. To take the place of the tiresome lecture format, we have implemented a high-tech learning environment. To help students effectively interact with each topic, our brilliant team of producers have created enthralling short films, captivating graphics, interesting narratives, and 4K productions.

The IPDC campus course takes no course fees from the higher educational institutes, students or teaching faculty.

This initiative has been developed using a volunteer-based structure because our strength comes from altruistic motivation and sincere intentions. Volunteers are dedicating their lives to this project, giving up their time, effort, and personal goals for the greater purpose of building the nation on the shoulders of our youth.

Your collective kindness can ensure that this positive movement reaches the entire nation.

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